“As for life, I hope to backpack across the globe and soak in the different cultures and sights. I think it would be one of the most amazing things to experience and currently that is my main objective in life. I would also love to open my own animal reserve and achieve nirvana, but that is a whole different story further down the track.”

That was written on my blogger profile years ago. Well, today I am actually doing that and more. I am currently almost 2 years on the road living as a nomadic traveller. I have also been helping out at animals shelters in Asia and Europe because helping the voiceless animals is one of the greatest passions I have. It is also one step closer to achieving my goal of running my own animals reserve/sanctuary/rescue centre.

I finally decided to quit my flight attendant job, sell all my material possessions 2 years ago and chase my dream. Go through my entries from the beginning and you will have a clue of who I was and am. I started this blog in December 2007 when I was a just a young shallow and superficial gay boy. Even though I had a fabulous life, I could not help but feel there was always something missing from my life, so I was always on a quest to finding out what it is. Now I am halfway around the world from home and I still have not found it, but I am much closer to doing so.

My name is Freddy and i was born and raised in the tiny country of Brunei Darussalam. Now I am working in Turkey as a dog trainer/volunteer coordinator at a Wildlife Rehab Centre to earn money so I can continue travelling.


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