Bigger adventures await!


8 months since I sold all my belongings and decided to leave home to explore the world for an indefinite period of time. I cannot believe it has been that long, even though it feels like a short period of time.

I have finally bought my flight ticket to Frankfurt, Germany. It is time for this hairy gypsy to leave the comforts and familiarity of Asia and get out of his comfort zone. New and bigger adventures await. ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’, I heard someone say once.

The original plan was to go to Europe to start traveling moneyless together with my sister but she told me a couple of days ago that she is moving on to the Caribbeans very soon. So it seems I will be traveling alone yet again. I mean I do not mind traveling by myself, but the idea of doing Europe without money by myself seems a bit daunting. I blame this fear on settling down in Penang for too long, I have forgotten how exciting the fear of the unknown and being helpless can be.

This time I really need to do my research and do a little planning or I am just setting myself up for trouble. I must at least know which route to go, learn about hitchhiking in Europe, couches to surf or places I am able to pitch my tent. With only 200 euros to my name, if I play it right, should still be in my pocket by the end of the year.

The German volunteer at the hostel I work at has been telling me amazing stories about Rainbow Gatherings and now that I’ll be traveling alone, It will be possible for me to atttend the one in Romania and Italy this summer. I am extremely excited for that!

I guess I should not be too afraid as I have made plenty of European friends the past 8 months. It would be fabulous to see them again in their hometowns.

My vagabro Jesper reminded me a few days ago to start doing the grateful exercise again. The three things I am grateful for today are, the Magnum ice cream my employer bought for me today, this temporary job that I have right now so I am able to make some rainy day money for Europe and also grateful for having the courage to embark on this nomadic journey, for had I not left, I would not have achieved this peace I am currently feeling and be much closer towards achieving the enlightenment I’ve been looking for.

Penang has been extremely good to me. She has been my home for the past few months but it really is time for me to say goodbye. If or when I come back to Asia, at least I know I have a place I can consider making my home.

Bigger adventures await!

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