6 months on the road

Exactly 187 days since I started this journey. This journey of self-discovery. This quest for joy and enlightenment.

I meant to start writing here the moment I left Brunei but I guess it took me that long for me to find my bearings and finally get used to this lifestyle. I have also learnt that I am not really keen on doing the whole sightseeing thing. Like what I always say to fellow travellers, “I do not want to see or do, I just want to be,”.

Hence, I now prefer to label myself as a nomad instead of a traveller.

On that note, this blog will serve the purpose of myself sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences with you all as opposed to a ‘things to do and see’ kind of blog. I want to share my story with everyone. The lessons I have learnt so far and will continue to learn. I want to inspire.

I realise I have a whole 6 months to catch you up on but I shall do that little by little. I have everything written on my (traditional) journal so I can easily type entries here.

For now, I just want to let you know I no longer will limit myself to only 1 year of travelling as I initially planned. I have realised, as difficult as it is to be a penny less nomad, I have fallen in love with this lifestyle. The freedom. The anonymity. The excitement. The beauty of my surroundings. The beauty of the people.

So… I will continue to do this for as long as I can.


6 months on the road

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