Princes in undies

Remember when you were little, you always fantasized about your Disney happily ever after. The idea of being rescued by your favourite prince charming was all you could think about. Well at least for me it was. Well ladies, it think we’re a little too old for that aren’t we? And you KNOW what we older ladies fantasize about..

Oh my, Aladdin.

Prince Eric was and still is my favourite Disney prince ever! That bitch Ariel sure is one lucky merwhore.

Hey, don’t judge me. Huhu! I know you likey.

(Image via: OMG Blog)

Princes in undies

7 thoughts on “Princes in undies

  1. waz – k… i’ll link u as soon as i can.

    edd.d – i dont think its wrong. but then again, youreasking the wrong or right question to the wrong person. x

  2. Jeannie says:

    OMG! Love Prince Eric, he’s my future husband. This is fantastic! If you drew this, you are a genius, and I want a poster size to hang in my bedroom! Where did this come from??

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