I am an addict

Just thought now is a good time for me to be honest and confess.


I am an addict

6 thoughts on “I am an addict

  1. Zafirah says:

    I am Zafirah.
    And I’m a junk foods addict, too.

    You’re not alone, Freddy. Hope you’ll get through it. It’s one of those obstacles you have to face in life, I guess.

    And good video!! 😀

  2. Freddy's Fan says:

    Nice video! If I had a product to sell…I’d definitely ask you to make the advert!! U’re very creative, and most imprtantly, u manage to deliver the message effectively thru ur videos!! Felicidades!!!

  3. Zafirah -lol. i dont feel that strongly for it yet. at this point, i’m more likely to open up a center that supports excessive junk food eating.

    Freddy’s Fan – awww i love your comment. i do believe i can sell things but only those i feel passionate about. in this case, unhealthy food! 😀

    noble sinner – i feel sad everytime i watch the video, even though i know that’s me and it’s fake. hahaah… i’m a pretty good fake crier.

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