Introducing my babies

Everyone and everything around me are having babies but not me. Why??! I’m a pretty promiscuous whore so I should actually already have 3 kids running around the house by now while pregnant with my fourth. This makes me depressed.

New additions to my animal family, wooo! 29th March 08 was the date 2 of my little baby kittens were born. Then the next day about 18 hours later, out came another one so that’s 3 altogether. Ohhh, they make me so happy.


We got 2 red tabby babies and one cream point kitty.

Then today, I was outside hanging my clothes to dry when I heard little chirping from the chicken pen and when I looked inside the nest, there they were, 3 fluffy baby chicks. A yellow one, a brown and also a black one.


How adorable are they? So adorable I want to season, deep fry and eat them whole. Oooohh, deep fried quail would be perfect right about now.

Baby animals just get me so excited!

Introducing my babies

4 thoughts on “Introducing my babies

  1. Freddy says:

    Zafirah – I know right! being cute should be illegal cuz it may cause injury. i lost count the number of times i say “Kiut eh baby mu, kan ku tandang!!!”

    Freddy’s Fan – I know! So crispy and yummy! 😀 where have you been babeh?

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