Kittens on their way

My cat is gonna get into labor soon, woo! I don’t know when exactly but from all the symptoms she’s showing, it should be within the next 2 days. I can’t wait to have little pussies (hahah!) running around the house because however bad your day gets, kittens never fail to make it better.


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Kittens on their way

4 thoughts on “Kittens on their way

  1. Freddy says:

    Edd.d – I love pussy jokes and toilet jokes. tell me one. lol How was your trip?

    Zafirah – So true! she just gave birth and ohhhh, everything in the world seems prettier to me now.

  2. Ooh, really?! That’s great to hear. Post up the photos (if you don’t mind). I’d like to see. I have three kittens and my aunt wants one and she’ll have it once the kitten stops drinking milk from its mother. :\ .I hope it won’t stop so it’d be with me 4evah!

    P\S: I got the mother from the Anduki Park after my jog!! (Looks like you’ve been going to that place… I read it on your brother’s blog).

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