Behind bars

I just finished watching Louis Theroux‘s documentary film called ‘Behind Bars’ and I absolutely enjoyed it. It’s a documentary about life in prison, the politics that happens behind the giant fence/wall and what other activities goes on behind the bars.

Anyone else feel like prison is such an intriguing place or it just me? I mean I’ve always been a big fan of prison movies and tv shows like Oz, Prison Break, Shawshank Redemption, American History X etc. and I have always thought of prison to be an interesting thing to experience. Different but interesting. I’m not saying that I actually want to be sentenced but just to stay there for the weekend, like a hotel. I also have a penchant for war and army movies. Go figure out what the two have in common.

I apologize to you readers for not posting any substantial entries lately. I do have some rather controversial issues I would like to discuss but I haven’t had the time to sit and write properly. And I got some new material I gotta film as I am also an active member of the youtube community. Don’t want me to lose my subscribers now do we? Which by the way, I think you all should also subscribe to, accordingtofreddy.

But yea, you really should watch the Louis Theroux video. You’ll love it!

Behind bars

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