Domestic goddess in the making

Does anyone know where I can find a place for me to do t-shirt printings? I got some hot designs I would love to get printed on tank tops so I would really appreciate it if you could help me. It has to be top quality printing though, none of those hideous glossy ones that fades after one wash.

I have decided. Since I am lacking a social life here in Brunei, I have decided to make use of my free time learning new skills instead of watching DVDs and reading celebrity gossip websites all the time. I am already learning gymnastics and trying to do the splits to broaden my limits when it comes to dancing and other things, if you know what I mean. Hahah! My back is currently aching like crazy and I got bruises and grass burns from it. I also plan to learn dressmaking which is something I have always wanted to do but never got the chance to do so because my highschool didn’t have home ec. studies. I’m kinda waiting and hoping someone will get me a good sewing machine for my birthday in 3 weeks. Another thing I will be trying to learn is baking even though I’m not a big fan of cakes and cookies. But it is still a useful skill to have.

I am so going to turn into a domestic goddess and make the best life partner ever! Anyone would be damn lucky to have me.

Anyway as promised, here is the video of my dance performance. I had to edit 3 videos into this one, 2 from the final show and 1 from rehearsal because the light technician messed up our lighting during the final performance. But yea, hope you like it.

Domestic goddess in the making

6 thoughts on “Domestic goddess in the making

  1. I have asked the same question at and but didn’t get any response. Look for Alimen, they do print names on some stuffs for merchandise, so, perhaps, I think they do tees printing as well. Don’t know about the quality, though. I also have asked this group of guys who sell their tees designed by them but they didn’t tell me for the reason of it’s their business. Ha ha. I’m still looking for a “good” one, though. So, if you have found out, do tell me. And I’ll do the same if I have, too.

    Birthday in three weeks? Happy adv. birthdayyy!!

    You remind me of myself. I always want to learn to do a lot of stuffs. I once told my dad that I want to go for this and that lesson\class, and he kind of pissed me of by saying that I can’t learn many stuffs at one time!

  2. Freddy's Fan says:

    The lighting people should take retirement early! They suck!! Thank you for posting the video anyway love 😉

    I hope you get what you want for your birthday darling…have a fabulous one this year yeah 😉

  3. Hazirah says:

    Someone would be damn lucky indeed. 😉

    I love that you decided not to sit around at home in Brunei. I am anticipating boring times myself when I get back to Brunei in July and I want to make sure I do stuff too! New experiences, new skills!

    Have loads of fun and hope you get around to learning all the things you want! 🙂

  4. Freddy says:

    Zafirah – Selfish bastards those people are. lol! Will let you know if I find a place. By the way, what and where is Alimen?

    Freddy’s Fan – What I want is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. But I doubt that’s going to happen.. 😦 And yes, I always have fabulous birthweeks baby. Week cuz 1 day is not enough. 😀

    Hazirah – Lucky to have me, that’s what I always tell people. hahah! And yea we should always do something productive with our time I believe.

  5. There’s this place that does that in KB.. but unfortunately I forgot its name.. and there’s another place where I think they do that, it’s in Kiulap just behind Taurean..

    I think.

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