Maneuvers in the dark

I know I promised a video but because I have 2 videos of the dance, I have to do some editing to combine both into one. One of them is clear but really dark because the lighting that night was horribly disappointing and the other taken using a camera phone has a poorer quality but isn’t as dark as the other one. Plus, I have been distracted with learning gymnastics and That 70’s Show boxset, I’m trying my best to fit in video editing into my schedule. Ehehe!

I do have more pictures though courtesy of Mr. Chee.




Why people insist on decorating stages with plants, I have no idea. It’s tacky and ugly and ruined what would’ve been amazing photos otherwise.





Okay for real this time, I am gonna upload the video before the weekend ends.

Maneuvers in the dark

4 thoughts on “Maneuvers in the dark

  1. thevirago says:

    I can tell that the fact that you haven’t done editing your video is bothering you too much. He he he. If that’s right, I know exactly how it feels. Anyway, I was thinking of the same thing, too, before you mentioned about decorating the stages with plants. Typical Bruneian, I guess. Tapi look what have been done to the trees in Panaga… kena potong! (Ah, that might be out of subject… ha ha). Can hardly wait to watch the “moving” version of the photos posted above!! πŸ˜€

  2. Freddy says:

    yea it’s cuz when i promise something, it drives me crazy if i don’t deliver. lol

    i know right, about the plants on stages. i don’t recall ever seeing or performing on a stage in Brunei without potted plants. i kinda feel embarrassed for some reason. πŸ˜› And the trees in Panaga, yea sayang! feels different now driving along that road. Bare and sooo hot.

    ohhhh, i tried commenting on your wordpress blog a couple of times but for some reason, I got an error. what’s up with that?

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