Dance rehearsal

Had dance rehearsals today and let me tell you, being back on stage performing in front of a crowd gave me such a high. Our dance performance looked great but there are still bits we need to work on by Tuesday. But I am really happy and very proud of it.

Here are some photos to tease you, courtesy of Shuk Chee.








Dance rehearsal

7 thoughts on “Dance rehearsal

  1. Freddy says:

    unfortunately these are the only pictures of us. but the photographer Chee will be there on tuesday so expect heaps of excellent photos. yay!

  2. Freddy says:

    thevirago – ummm nope, she’s never done ballet. we’ve never had any formal training, just self-taught. and yea video up probly tonight. as soon as i finish editing. 😀

    Freddy’s Fan – thanks babe. it went well with the exception of lighting. oh well.

  3. Freddy's Fan says:

    I look forward to watching the video 😉

    M so proud of you darling. If I was there, I would be the one to shout “encore!” “encore!”

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