Free hamsters

Anyone want adorable little hamsters as pets? They’re tame, they’re lovable and sooo fat. I love them all but unfortunately, I have too many of them. 40 to be exact. I would love to keep all of them but I don’t think I’ll be able to give them individually enough attention which they deserve.


These babies in the picture above, I bred them special from a banded cream mother and a sable father. As you can see, most of them turned out to be banded grey sables and dark eared whites. They’re about a month old and I separated them from their mum about 2 weeks ago because she turned into a nasty bitch and cannibalized one of the siblings. It is also to stop these little guys from adopting the aggressive behaviour from the mum. I had 13 of them but I managed to find homes for 2 of them which leaves me with another 6 as I am keeping 4.


These guys above are all males and are the products of an unplanned pregnancy. They’re about 7 weeks old and mother is an umbrous golden while the father is still unknown. Here we have a dark eared white and 2 dark goldens, possibly even sables I’m not sure. They have another sister which is a white but I’m keeping her for myself because she’s a longhair and is the sweetest thing ever! Her name is Milkshake!

I also have another 3 babies about 3 weeks old but they’re still sucking on their mother’s nipples. They can only be separated in another 3 weeks. A golden that is missing a foot, a sable and a banded umbrous golden.

If anyone in my area is interested in these furballs, do contact me and take your pick. I’m giving them away for free. The only thing is, I will only let them go if I think they’re going to be in good hands i.e. comfortable living and lots of love. Alternatively, if you have hamsters of colours or patterns I want, I’ll gladly trade you for them. Kthxbi!!

Free hamsters

8 thoughts on “Free hamsters

  1. I would really like to get my hands on one of them! But unfortunately, I have three kittens, a cat, a rabbit to take care of which all means that I can not have more pet. Stated clearly when I tried to get myself a black and white turtle and leopard cat. I was saving money to get the turtle as I don’t have money and receive no allowance.

    I could help you with finding homes for them. And I will tell you if I have found any.


  2. Freddy says:

    hahah… we have the same habit. i always purchase little animals on impulse whenever i go to the pet store. at one point, i had 2 rabbits, 5 cats, 10 pet chickens, 2 turtles, 2 tanks of fish, dwarf hamsters and normal syrian hamsters. i also have this uncontrollable need to breed them and play around with genetics a little. lol

    thanks a bunch. just let me know if u know anyone who would like them. xx

  3. thevirago says:

    I don’t have money to do that. Ha ha. If I saw animals at pet store that I would like to buy and pet, what I usually do is save up my money and when I have reached the amount to buy it, I tend to spend it on other stuffs, realising that my mum wouldn’t allow me to have more pets. When I need money from my parents, I always tell them what I need it for. Hence, the reason why I save up and not asking any from them because I know they won’t let me! Oh yeah, I forgot about a tank of fish, it’s actually my sister’s and her husband’s but most of the time while they are away from home, I am the one who take care of it. There’s a yellow tang, two clown fish and some other fish that I don’t know what they’re called. I had a mixbreed rabbit. Bought it from tamu in Tutong, thought it was a full “Anggora” but it wasn’t.

    You love animals!

  4. thevirago says:

    That is me Zafirah as thevirago. Lol. Opened up a blog account on WordPress. Find it a neat blogsite. Inspired after being on your blogsite. Ha ha!

  5. Freddy says:

    thevirago – lol, i figured thevirago was you from the matching IP address. i’ve always wanted a clownfish… well actually only after watching finding nemo, hahah but glad i never got one. i’m guessing it is pretty high-maintenance compared to guppies and goldfish. 😛

    girl who thinks i’m hot – oh my gosh, you are tooo sweet. 😀 every girl wants a little piece of a gay. 😀

  6. thevirago says:

    “every girl wants a little piece of a gay”, haha, good one!

    Yeah, it is. Last month, the “thing that is supposed to make the water in the tank not so still or stagnant(?)” broke and went out of control and the water splashed out from the tank leaving the tank half-filled. And until now, it has not been repaired yet. -_____________-”

    Sorry for the multiply comments!!

  7. Freddy says:

    hahah… you are more than welcome to comment as many times as you like. as long as you’re not spamming trying to sell me penis enlarging device or viagra, i’m fine with that. lol

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