I think I can dance

I am so obsessed with the show So You Think You Can Dance! I have been following the American version since season 2 and this year is the debut of the Australian version. I love it even better! This show really inspires me and lifts up my spirit. And what is even better about the Australian version is that I know some of the contestants.

Man am I so thankful for Youtube for being able to bring the show to me as I am unable to watch it live on television.

Let me introduce to you my personal favourites out of the top 20.


Anthony performs at the nightclub I used to frequent and we’ve spoken quite a few times which I believe makes him a friend of mine. Hah! He’s a very nice guy and more importantly a beautiful dancer with amazing techniques. Just look at that picture up there. How flexible is he?! That’s gotta be handy and I’m not just talking about dancing. Check out this video of his first audition. It made me tear, seriously.


Jack is also from Queensland and if I am not mistaken, I think that was him I watched teach dancing at the Suncorp Piazza a few times. An amazing dancer with the cutest smile EVER!!! Watching him dance just makes me so happy.


I don’t really know much about her but from what I’ve seen, she is fantastic and has amazing potential. And she is so adorable!


This too, I don’t really know much about but he is a favourite cuz of obvious reasons. Just look at that face!!


My top favourite has got to be Rhys from Melbourne. A Jazz dancer/Make-up artist/Drag queen who is not afraid of taking risks. He has a personality that is so out there and his dance style is fabulous. I don’t know how to describe him really so I guess you just have to watch the group audition he choreographed and see what I mean.

Jump to 1:40 to see his routine with the girls. How fantastic is it?! Rhys kinda inspired my new haircut by the way. I went to the extent of checking out his myspace page and man, he is amazing at doing make-up. F’real!


This Asian beauty right here is a shy little one but man, she is also one of the truly amazing ones. The way she moves on the dancefloor gives me goosebumps. So flexible and so graceful. When I first saw her, I thought “Ehh… she looks boring,” but looks can be deceiving. Ohhh, I wanna move like her! Just watch this video of her first audition to really know what I’m talking about.

So there you have it, my personal favourites from the show. The first top 20 show aired tonight but because we don’t get here in Brunei, I am eagerly waiting for it to be available online. I’m so excited!!!!

I think I can dance

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