Steps to look like Freddy

More like I work hard to look good for the free drinks. Hahah!

Steps to look like Freddy

3 thoughts on “Steps to look like Freddy

  1. ive just bought my first pair of GHD (mini’s) and oh my fucking god. I feel like god himself has just floated down and styled my locks. There the best thing I have ever bought, so much so Im going to grow my hair for the first time ever.

    ca i ask, what concealer do u use, and can anyone tell ur wearing it? I need something for under my eyes when Im looking less then fresh

  2. Freddy says:

    hahahah… exactly how i felt when i first got mine! it’s amazing.

    as for concealer, i use MAC liquid concealer (no specific name for it) and it is amazing. been using it for the past 2 years and no one has ever noticed. although u do have to pick the perfect colour for your skin tone. the counter chicks can surely help you with that.

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