Hot or not romance

The hot or not application on facebook is probably the application I use the most aside from fluffpets and of course, the wall. I absolutely love it! You know sometimes you get those days when you feel like the ugliest person on the planet and your self-esteem is at its lowest. Well, hot or not is my help to boost is back up. My rate is currently 9.2 you know, not to be bragging or anything. Hahah!


Anyway, for those of you haven’t added this application, well there are 2 sections; 1 is for you to rate and get rated on a scale of 1-10 and the other is where pictures of random people pop up and you decide if you think they’re hot or not. So I got this notification right which said someone is interested in me and so I clicked on the picture. Oh my god, Brazilian yumminess! Like really, muito gatinho! Huhu. We started communicating through facebook and I got asked for my MSN address which I willingly gave.

We’ve been speaking for a little while now, both on MSN and on the phone ($3.50bnd/minute for me, WAH!) and I always look forward to our chats cuz’ this person is the nicest ever. Yes, it seems pretty lame and to be honest, I used to think that but what am I supposed to do here in this country? I find nobody here is up to my standard, no offense to you locals. Besides, it started as something fun to do to past the time but now I have such a ginormous crush on this person. And vice versa, hihi! I feel like I’m 16 again. And the slight language barrier makes it so much more romantic, like from a romance novel. Hah!

I’m such a hopeless romantic.

Who supports my internet romance and wants to sponsor me a one-way ticket to Brazil? Anyone?

Hot or not romance

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