Material Boy is so gay

Everyone who knows me are probably aware of my crazy eccentric sense of style. I like to push boundaries and provoke the general public and what easier way to do it than through fashion. Plus, as I’ve mentioned previously I love the attention. Yay!

I was just browsing through my favourite fashion sites and saw that Melbourne-based Material Boy has done it once again. Every season, they’re always upstaging the last and getting gayer and gayer. I LOVE IT!

Androgynous is the correct term by the way.

It’s not just this label, but it seems most designers are coming up with feminine clothes for men these days. I love it that they’re trying to eliminate gender barriers and I’m still waiting for the day when it’s okay for men to wear dresses and gowns. Hah!

The problem with this Material Boy is, they only cater to the super skinny boys and that poses as a problem for me as I have gotten pudgier over the last year. Boo! I’m going to throw up my dinner now and while I do that, here are some pictures from their 2007/2008 collection for your viewing pleasure.




Is it just me or is anyone else loving the haircut? More from their previous lines, under the cut.



I have those pants in black! And the vest in blue pinstripes.




Do you love it? I especially love the full bodysuit in the last picture. Leaves nothing to the imagination, doesn’t it? I tried looking for pictures to show you of the shoes I fell in love with, their Dorothy-inspired glitter purples shoes, but I couldn’t find them. When they first came out, I went to all the Material Boy stockists and boutiques to get them but all of them were sold out. Sometimes I do still dream about them, calling out my name. Wahhh, I want!

Image source: Material Boy & Flickr

Material Boy is so gay

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