How to deal with moody people

From time to time, i get really low lows and what I usually do, I lock myself up in the room and write about it. Sometimes I even switch on the webcam and video document what I feel at that exact moment and try to analyze the reasons behind it. It’s a healthy approach I find and it works for me personally.

Everyone gets mood swings there’s no denying that. And I understand that it’s something most people have no control over. What I don’t understand is their need to show it to the rest of the world in hope of getting sympathy and their feelings acknowledged. It seriously pisses me off. i mean why? Why do they have to give others who has nothing to do with their shitty mood the evil look and nastiness? Get over it already. if they want to feel sorry for themselves, i suggest doing it elsewhere, somewhere nobody can see them cuz’ it is just plain pathetic.

And what else it is, is infectious. Do you realize that? Someone projects hostility and negativity, you can’t help but get into the same mood as them. I’ve experienced this and have actually seen this happen to a group of friends. By the end of the day, everyone surrounding this person turns all nasty for no real reason and all hell breaks loose.

I actually know a particular person who gets mood swings over the silliest things. Like the time price of petrol went up by 0.02 cents. And this person has the stupidity to invite people out just so he/she could show their anger. Crazy much? And I’ve been stuck with this person during his/her episodes quite a number of times.

So what do I do to deal with people like these now? Simply ignore them. Don’t acknowledge their feelings and eventually they’ll get bored. If you want to talk to me about shit, by all means, I’m all ears. But if you want to be a bitch and bring me down with you, get the fuck away and look for someone else who cares.

How to deal with moody people

18 thoughts on “How to deal with moody people

  1. icancrackanegg says:

    I just Googled “How to deal with moody people” and your entry came up. Thanks for writing this–I’m glad to see I’m not alone. I’ve been feeling pretty strung out SIMPLY because I’m dealing with moody friends and colleagues! Thanks–I feel a bit better knowing I’m not alone in this 🙂

  2. Iris Dela Cruz-Crystal says:

    Hi! This is exactly the post that I’m looking for. I’ve been dealing with a moody housemate and her moodiness is just INFECTITIOUS! I could be a bitch when provoked but no, I won’t give her control of my emotions. I’ll let her rot in her mood swings! Lol!

  3. Dave says:

    You just described my girlfriend at her time of the month. I’m going to try your method but I don’t know if it’ll work ignoring her, maybe just fuel her even more

  4. kele says:

    I do not waste my time and effort nursing anyone’s moods. They can go to hell. Imagine stressing and trying to imagine what you could have done or said wrong to someone who does not really care about you. If they cared they would tell you immediately if you did something wrong. u would both be able to sort out the issue and the relationship would be smooth. Anyone who repeats their moody stunts on me can get lost. Life is wonderful but too short for one to be grumpy. Cant let people mess my days

    1. Lady GooGoo says:

      Exactly! Life is too short, by far. If people can’t be mature enough to at least communicate with people that they’re in an emotional ditch which they can’t control, but it’s not the other person’s fault, then please, take it somewhere else. I don’t need my door-step darkened by this crepe. I have troubles enough of my own already, which I try and deal with in as healthy a way as possible.

  5. carol says:

    u spoi n waste yo whole day sympathising with them.people who have moods essentially want u to join them.i live with an aunt who can practically ignore u th whole day,when sh does that she wont do much work around th house,then wen u remind her u fuel up th tension…….ahhhhhhhh!!

  6. emmabee11 says:

    I know how you feel, my whole family snaps at me, cant even ask them one simple question without getting my head snapped off or my mum screeching at me, i’m a calm person so i don’t get moody that much but them… deary me, it’s like magnets sparking off each other, my parents and my bro are like cat and dog at each other, cant even ask them to help you find something without them making things more complicated by turning it into more than what it is, why cant they just shut their mouths and look for it in silence?.

  7. emmabee11 says:

    Also yes just ignore them, kindly tell them you are not talking to them while they are not being very nice, you would appricate it if they were nice to you and did not speak to you that way and leave them to it because lets face it, if you so muc has say one word to moody people they will make something out of just speaking to them so just stay away until they are in a better much instead of dragging yourself in with their mood because if you end up in an argument i garantee you will end up in a bad mood too.

  8. Baffled says:

    It is so hard when the moody one is your significant
    live-in other. One has to deal with them, and when
    they get snappish at you out of the blue, it feels
    like you are getting blindsided. Hurts a lot when they
    are in the automatic take offense mode. What do I
    do? Hard to totally ignore them – that’s no relationship.
    And when they are out of the pissy mood, they act like
    everything is terrific. Crazy-making. I have to learn how
    to get away from him in these moods. It is unhealthy.

    1. You need to get them to open up with you as to why they are getting in such a big mood over things and ask them is there anything you can do make them feel better with things, if they don’t tell you what is wrong then you need to tell them you don’t want them hanging around when they are in moods, you don’t want to dragged down by things that are not your fault, clearly since they are just going off at you for what seems like no reason but just to take their frustrations out on other people they are not being honest with you about the problems they are having.

  9. Lady GooGoo says:

    Is there a term for the phobia of moody people, because I genuinely have it!! They upset my equilibrium so much that I end up distraught and emotionally unwell. I have learnt enough in my years that I need to swerve wide of moody people…I am not equipped to deal with them as I am also sensitive. If someone’s moody and communicates it with me like and adult so I know it’s not my fault, then we can talk. But if they just disappear into a black hole of nothing, leaving me wondering for 3 days wtf I’ve done, then I really need to get the hell away from that person. Life is totally too short (cliche, but true), and to spend half of it stressing over what you have done, wondering if you’re loved or not, trying to wag your tail like a puppy waiting for them to bounce back – only to find that they suddenly come out of their mood and want it to be all ‘hey, how you doing?!’ again and you had indeed done nothing…..well ARGGGGHHHHH!!! I just wasted 3 days of my short life on wondering if you want me or not!! How dare you subject me to that!! I resent myself for allowing myself to feel like that!! Bad union. Take your personality disorder elsewhere because even though I feel strongly about you, I also feel strongly about my mental health.
    Love you. Bye!

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