Smiley has got to go!

Okay, I was just doing some customizing to this new weblog of mine when I realized there’s a stupid little smiley face right at the bottom of this page. What the fuck is that silly little face doing there? Now I don’t have obsessive compulsive behaviour nor do I normally fret over tiny matters. Hell, my bedroom even looks like a shipwreck. But when it comes to my creations I present for others to see, I can get a little mental. I edit blog entries like 25 million times before I publish them for goodness sake.

So is there a way I can get rid of it cuz it just doesn’t go well with this site. Here’s an organized page, all professional-looking and shit but once you reach the end of it, something foreign to this blog flashes you a smile. I hate smiley faces!

Smiley has got to go!

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