Reintroduction to the blogging scene

Whattup ladies?!

So I figured, since I am back in the homeland of Brunei after living in Australia for the past 4 years, I don’t have a lot of leisurely things to do. Actually, scratch that. With the current ban on everything fun here in this EXCITING country of ours (note the sarcasm), I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do to past the time, except of course catch up on movies. Ahhh, one thing to be grateful though, $2 DVDs.

So anyway I asked myself, why not get back into the blogging scene? It used to occupy most of my time back when I did it in my teen years and quite frankly, I enjoyed it a lot. Making my opinions heard, whoring out photos of myself and just being part of the local cyber community. For you old school bloggers, you may remember me as bigdo, pillbox or the owner of back in the day.

Do beware though, because I do have strong opinions on things and I especially have a million bones to pick with this nation of ours. Wait, I forgot we don’t have freedom of speech. Maybe this blog isn’t such a good idea after all.

I think they’re even trying to take away Youtube from us. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!!

Reintroduction to the blogging scene

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